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Production Date:  April 1988

Directed by: Charles Lewis

Playwright: Peter Shaffer

Genre: Drama

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill




Martin Dysart, a psychiatrist, is confronted with Alan Strang, a boy who has blinded six horses.


To the owner of the horses the horror is simple: he was unlucky enough to employ a "loony.' To the boy's parents it is a hideous mystery; Alan has always adored horses and, although Dora Strang may be a slightly overindulgent mother and Frank Strang a slightly tetchy father, they both love their son To Dysart it is a psychological puzzle to be untangled to alleviate pain or, given his profession, that is what it ought to be. As it turns out, it is something far more complex and disturbing.



Mid Sussex Times Drama Awards:

Best Producer / Director - Charles Lewis

& Best Actor - Geoff Braman

(See Article Below).

PLAYWRIGHT: Peter Shaffer (born May 15, 1926)

is an English dramatist, author of numerous

award-winning plays, several of

which have been filmed. 


Charles Lewis - Director

BHTC Production Number: 144

Assistant Director

Stage Manager

Set Design

Set Construction




Properties Team


Box Office

Front of House

Mary Jupp

Margaret Coveney

Geoff Twyman

David Fox & Terry Thompsett

Peter Coveney

Roy Lewry

Audrey Lewry

Christine Twyman & Val Thompsett

Barry Kopp

Graham Wood

Barbara Chamberlain & Jan Case


Geoff Braman
Kevin Gray

Jim Towell

June Colledge

Pearl White

Jennifer Kitson

David Downer

Jo White

Anthony Hole

Martin Dysart

Alan Strang

Frank Strang

Dora Strang

Hesther Salomon

Jill Mason

Harry Dalton


Horseman / Nugget



Phillipa Jones, Adrian Thomas, Terry Thompsett, John Kitson & Stephen Lewry


Audrey Lewry, Maureen Thomas, Lily Crouch, Barry Kopp, Christine Twyman, Val Thompsett, Jenny Carter & Angela Simpson

Programme & Press Cuttings & Award

Production Photos 1-17

Black & White Publicity Photos 1-6

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