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An end of the pier dance marathon becomes a desperate fight to survive for a luckless band of desperate contestants. Each hope that they will take home the life-changing $1000 prize fund or grab their big chance at Hollywood fame. A lurid reality contest that challenges the human spirit and pushes its participants to the very edge of sanity, this is a macabre test of endurance during the 1930s depresion in America. Profoundly desperate and disturbingly exciting.

BHTC NOTES: Burgess Hill Theatre Club were the first amateur group in the United Kingdom to be allowed license from the playwright to produce the play. As detailed in the attached press articles, Director Charles Lewis corresponded directly with the author to get this permission.



The Mid Sussex Times Drama Awards:

Winner: Best Producer / Director - Charles Lewis & Best Performance In A Musical Drama - Jackie Lander

(See Article Below in Press Cuttings).



PLAYWRIGHT: Ray Herman adapted from the book by Horace McCoy.


Genre: Musical

Playwright: Ray Herman adapted from the book by Horace McCoy

Directed by: Charles Lewis

Production Date:  April 1989

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill


BHTC Production Number: 148

Stage Manager

Technical Manager

Lighting & Effects



Set Design


Front of House

Box Office


Margaret Coveney

Peter Coveney

Richard Griffin, Roy Lewry,

Brenda Upton & Harry Peckham

Margaret Coveney

Geoff Twyman

Jane Towell

Rosalind Wood

Graham Wood

John Kitson


Lieutenant Stedna

Rocky Gravo

Rollo Peters



Hotdog Girl

Gloria May Beatty & Robert Syverten - Couple 22

Ruby Batone & Mario Batone - Couple 5

Jackie Miller & James Reilly - Couple 38

Mary Hawley & Vee Lovell - Couple 61

Mack Aston & Lillian Bacon - Couple 20

Kid Kamm & Maybelle Manski - Couple 24

Mrs Violet Layden

Mr J J Maxwell

Mrs J Franklin Higby

Mrs William Wallace Witcher

Cal Halliday

Miss Anita Louise

Miss Mary Brian

The Rev. Oscar Gilder


Barry Goodsell
Mike Akhurst

Colin Skeel

Norma Somerville

Charles Lewis

Helen Wiggins

Jackie Lander & John Kitson

Linda Parry & Geoff Braman 

Julia Clark & Rick Peckham 

Phillipa Jones & Kevin Gray 

Chris Smith & Jennifer Kitson

Helen Smith & Adrian Cave

June Colledge

Jim Towell

Jo White

Maureen Thomas

Frank Oakley

Hannah Batten

Christine Lewry

Paul Klimek


Other Dancers:


Kerry Negus & Rob Negus - Couple 51

Barbara Parson & Frank Oakley - Couple 33

Jane Towell & Jim Towell - Couple 61

Terry Thompsett & Caroline Tinkler - Couple 10

Mary Jupp & Bob Dives - Couple 49

Anthony Hole & Pearl White - Couple 73

Christine Lewry & Darren Packham  - Couple 41

Margaret Negus & Les Negus - Couple 02

Pat Griffiths & Ken Somerville - Couple 113

Louise Thompsett & Jaimie Todd - Couple 85

Karen Wade & Stephen Lewry - Couple 107

Nikki Sayers & Ben Dawson - Couple 99



Piano: Bob Nichols 

Drums: Peter Case 

Clarinet: Cher Klimek 

Programme & Press Cuttings 

Photos 1-15

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