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The plot is based on the true story of Sir Thomas More, the 16th-century Chancellor of England, who refuses to endorse or denounce King Henry VIII's wish to divorce his aging wife Catherine of Aragon, who could not bear him a son, so that he could marry Anne Boleyn, the sister of his former mistress. The play portrays More as a man of principle, envied by rivals such as Thomas Cromwell and loved by the common people and by his family.


BHTC NOTES: This play was the first production by the Mid Sussex Players Association (MSPA), an association of Mid Sussex local amateur dramatic societies. The cast and backstage crew were chosen from amongst the very best from those participating societies, but many involved were BHTC members, which is why this production appears on our club website.


PLAYWRIGHT: Robert Bolt (August 15, 1924 – February 12, 1995) was an English playwright and a two-time Oscar winning screenwriter.



Directed by: Joan Collins

Genre: Historical Drama

Staged:  The Platform Theatre,

Haywards Heath

Production Date:  October 1994

Group:  BHTC & Mid Sussex Players Association

Programme & Press Cuttings 

The Common Man

Sir Thomas More

Master Richard Rich

The Duke of Norfolk

(Earl Marshall of England)

Lady Alice More

(Sir Thomas's - wife)

Lady Margaret More

(Sir Thomas's daughter)

Cardinal Wolsey

Thomas Cromwell

Signor Chapuys

(The Spanish Ambassador)

Chapuys’s Attendant

William Roper

King Henry VIII

A Woman

Thomas Cranmer

(Archbishop of Canterbury)


Playwright: Robert Bolt

Keith Jefferies

Geoff Braman

Chris Smith

Ron Skinner


Olive Braman


Lara Salvage


Colin Temblett-Wood

Laurence Butcher

Michael Morton-George


Tim Rowland

Paul Rogers

Anthony Easton

Diane Lane

Roy Perkins


BHTC Production Number: 173

Assistant Director

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager


Set Designer

Set Construction






Music/Sound Effects







Platform Theatre FOH

Jo White
Sue Hanna
David Hanna

David Vaughan
Geoff Twyman
Keith Griffiths
Simon Loosley, Bob Awcock, David Bevan, Alan Herbert, Roy Skinner, David Cheshire, Terry Thompsett
Tim Kendell
David Botsford
Lynn Wiseman
Glenda Blackaller
Pat Griffiths
Lesley Rowland
Anne Skinner

Pauline Childs
Richard Spencer


*Costumes also supplied by
 Jan Day Costumes

Photos 1-3

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