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Junior Workshop Production




A sensitive, yet disturbing look at drugs and drug dependency based around the life of an ordinary teenager, Vicki. Heroin Lies portrays her gradual and tragic slide towards addiction and the various degrees of help and hindrance she receives from both family and friends.

BHTC NOTES: This production was performed as part of a Youth Drama Festival held over four nights involving Burgess Hill Theatre Club Junior Members, Hurspierpoint Junior Theatre Workshop, Oakmeads School & Forest Row Dramatic Society Youth Theatre. Unfortunately no cast details on the various productions have yet been discovered.

Click here to see this reprised production in 1999.


Directed by: Rick Peckham

Genre: 1 Act Drama

Staged:  The Theatre, Church Walk, Burgess Hill

Production Date:  October 1994

Group:  BHTC 

Programme Publicity

Laurie Parsons 
Keith Gough
Graham Wood
Geoff Twyman
Laurie Parsons 
Tim Kendell & Chris Childs 
Barbara Parsons 
Rosalind Wood 
Rick Peckham

Stage Director
Stage Supervisor (Wed)
Stage Supervisor (Thur)
Stage Supervisor (Fri)
Stage Supervisor (Sat)
Technical Supervisors
Front of House Manager
Box Office Manager
Festival Administrator


Playwright: Wayne Denfhy

BHTC Production Number: 174

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