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Production Date:  Nov/Dec 1994

Directed by: Ken Guest

Playwright: Patrick Hamilton

Genre:  Drama

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Theatre, Church Walk,

Burgess Hill




The Manninghams appear to live peaceful lives, but it soon becomes apparent that Mr Manningham, a suavely sinister and handsome man, is slowly torturing his gentle, lovely wife into insanity under the guise of kindness.


While he is out, Mrs. Manningham has an unexpected caller in ex detective sergeant Rough from Scotland Yard.  Rough is convinced that Manningham is a maniacal criminal wanted for a murder committed fifteen years ago in this very house. Gradually the hearty and understanding Rough restores

Mrs Manningham's confidence in herself and together they discover the mystery around the dimming gaslight and the hidden rubbies.


PLAYWRIGHT: Patrick Hamilton (March 17, 1904 - September 23, 1962) was an English playwright and novelist.

Stage Manager

Technical Manager

Set Designer

Set Construction




Wardrobe Team





Box Office Manager

Front of House Manager

Alan Herbert

Tim Kendell

Geoff Twyman

Bob Awcock, Geoff Twyman, Alan Herbert,

Terry Thompsett & Keith Griffiths

Barbara Kinsey

David Bevan

Pearl White, Daphne Mainwairing & 

Barbara Goldfinch

Pauline Childs

Joyce Figg

Anthony White

Rosalind Wood

Susan Wheeler


Anthony Hole
Tammy Cottingham

Anthony White

Jane Towell

Lee Sutcliffe

Laurie Parsons

Alan Herbert

Jack Manningham

Bella Manningham

Ex Detective Sergeant Rough

Elizabeth the Housekeeper

Nancy the Maid

Policeman # 1

Policeman # 2


BHTC Production Number: 176


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