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Production Date:  July 1995

Directed by: Maureen Thomas

Playwright:  John Mortimer

Genre: Drama (1 Act Play)

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Theatre, Church Walk,

Burgess Hill


Three 1 Act Plays (2nd)




The Man and the Girl work in the same office. they have fallen in love. the Man has booked a hotel room for their lunch break. He has told the owner of the hotel that he is meeting his wife who has travelled down from Scarborough and having left their three children with an aunt they plan to talk about their future.


He did not tell the Girl about his story so the Girl is put out by the questions from the landlady. But the Girl goes along with the story and when the landlady leaves she has a go at the Man for bringing her to London in the snow and being so callous that he did not want to see his children. She leaves. the clock strikes two - lunch hour over and he did not even get his coat off.

BHTC NOTES: The poster advertising the production incorrectly identified 'Lunch Break' when 'Lunch Hour' should have been printed. Click here to see the production which was first performed by the club in 1962


PLAYWRIGHT: John Mortimer. Sir John Clifford Mortimer CBE QC (born 21 April 1923) is an English barrister turned prolific writer and dramatist.



BHTC Production Number: 181



Chris Smith

Pippa Jones

Jo White

The Man

The Girl

The Manageress

Keith Griffiths

Keith Griffiths & Terry Thompsett

Tim Kendell

David Bevan, Terry Thompsett,

Keith Gough & Graham Wood

Pat Griffiths & Nancy Bissell

Hilary Smith & Jacky Hilary

Hilary Smith, Jacky Hilary & David Bevan

Pauline Childs & Nancy Bissell

Anthony White & Jim Wilson

Rosalind Wood

Susan Wheeler & Val Whitehead

Stage Manager

Set Construction

Technical Manager

Stage Crew







Box Office Manager

Front of House


Programme (please note we have no production photos)

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