Programme & Press Cutting

Production Date:  September 1995

Directed by: Nancy Forsdike

Playwright: Lucille Fletcher

Genre:  Thriller

Group:  BHTC

Staged: The Theatre, Church Walk,

Burgess Hill




In the city of New York, Elaine Wheeler is having trouble sleeping and peering out of her second story window sees what she believes to be a dead, bleeding corpse across the way sitting in an old abandoned building staring at her. Terrified she screams out calling to her husband. He tries to comfort her, however it is not enough and soon the police are involved, but they find nothing. After being consolled by her friend and seeing a psyciatrist things seem to improve, but then she claims to see yet another dead body, but yet again nothing is found. Everyone starts to disbelieve her claims, but then the plot thickens...

PLAYWRIGHT: Lucille Fletcher (March 28, 1912 — August 31, 2000) was a film and television screenwriter. Night Watchwas made into a film in 1973 starring Elizabeth Taylor. 


Stage Manager

Set Design & Decoration

Set Construction

Technical Manager



Hair & Make-Up



Box Office


Programme & Poster Design

Front of House Manager

Laurie Parsons

Jane Churchill & Jaimie Todd

Terry Thompsett

Tim Kendell

Keith Gough

Nancy Forsdike

Pauline Childs

Barbara Kinsey

Mary Thompsett

Rosalind Wood

Terry Thompsett

Jim Wilson

Rosalind Wood


Jacky Hilary
Neil Batsford

Jo White

Anthony Hole

Anthony White

Dominique Whyte

David Bevan

Margaret Coveney

John Poulson

Elaine Wheeler

John Wheeler



Curtis Appleby

Blanche Cooke

Lieutenant Walker

Dr Tracey Lake

Sam Hoke



Rehearsal & Backstage Photos 1-12

BHTC Production Number: 183

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.