Beau Brummel lived between 7 June 1778 – 30 March 1840 and this musical production tells his life story. He was the arbiter of the men's fashion 'dandyism' in Regency England and a friend of the Prince Regent, the future King George IV. From being included in Prince George's circle, he began behaving as though his fortune were as great as theirs, spending and gambling as though he were one of them. This was not a problem while he was under the protection of the Prince of Wales. but then at a masquerade ball in July 1813, Prince Regent snubbed Brummell, provoking Brummell's infamous remark, "Alvanley, who's your fat friend?". This doomed his social standing and in 1816, he fled to France to escape social ostracism and the sudden demand for payment in full of thousands of pounds owed. He died penniless and insane from syphilis in Caen in 1840.

BHTC NOTES: As detailed below in the programme and press coverage, this was the world premiere of the musical Beau and a wonderful theatrical milestone for the club.



Recognised with a Special Achievement Award by the

Mid Sussex Times Annual Drama Awards.



Playwright: Len Beadle & Peter Chandler

Genre:   Comedy Drama

Staged: The Croft Theatre, Burgess Hill School

Directed by:  Matthew Beadle

Production Date:  July 1997

Group:  BHTC


Beau Brummell


Prince of Wales




Oliver Vincent

Mrs Fitzherbert

Richard Sheridan

Lord Alvanley

Lady Farthingale

Duchess of Leamington

Simpson / Barman

Mrs St Aubyn & French Landlady

Palace Footman

Assistant Producer


Stage Manager

Set Design,

Set Construction &

Backstage Crew









Technical Manager

Technical Team

Wardrobe Mistress 

Costume Design

Costume and Wardrobe Team




Properties Team




Theatre & Foyer Decor

Gala Evening Organiser

Box Office Manager

Front of House

Front of House Team


Poster & Programme Design

Mike MacKenzie
Chris Smith

Neil Batsford

Karl Morgan

Sam Childs

Faith Harris

David Abbott

Julia Peckham

Richard Knapp

Kenneth Guest

Norma Somerville

Jo White

Chris Marshall

Morag Mitchell
David Villiers

Justine James

Janis McLean

Laurie Parsons

Geoff Twyman

Keith Griffiths, Geoff Twyman,

Bob Awcock, David Bevan,

Alan Herbert, Jaimie Todd,

Anthony White, Katie James,
Graham Wood, Terry Thompsett, Mike Ward,

Chris Twyman, Ross Twyman, Catherine Way, Derek McLean, Kelly Webb, Becky Powell,

Mark herbert, Roy Willis, Laurie Parsons,

Liz Batten, Anthony Hole & Danny Murray

Tim Kendell

Chris Childs, Mark Lacombe, Daniel Pepper,

Tim Pateman, Keith Samphier & Richard Streeter

Pat Griffiths

Pat Griffiths & Lesley Rowland

Tricia Awcock, Doreen Cripps, Hilary Smith,

Kelly Webb, Constance Felton, Ronnie Harcourt, Angela Jeans, Val Whitehead & Joan Peckham

Barbara Kinsey, Chris Twyman, Val Herbert,

Catherine Way & Susan King

Pauline Childs

Pamela Skilton & Joyce Figg

Pippa Jones

Jacqui Walker

Hilary Smith

Rosalind Wood

Susan Wheeler, Sue Wilson, Barbara Parsons,

Val Whitehead, Chris Batsford & Sarah Hall

Terry Thompsett & Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson

Produced by: Rick Peckham



Orchestrations: Richard Beadle & Len Beadle

Musical Director & Conductor: Richard Beadle



Violins: (Leader) Wendy Bourne, Audrey Williams, Christian Fiddall & Fred Weller

Violas: Ian Black & Elizabeth Black.Celli: Jane Blythe & Mark Jesson



Flutes: Richard Reeves (picolo) & Peggy Homer

Oboe: Rebecca Knight.

Clarinet: Jonathan Clark

Bassoon: Adrian Forrester



Trumpets: Tony Homer & Ben Gaff

French Horn: Luke Woodhead

Trombone: Peter Colbourne




Piano / Synthesizer: Graham King

Bass Guitar: Jonathan Curtis-Brignal

Drums / Percussion: Neil Feltham

BHTC Production Number: 191


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