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'Style' is a comedy about a family hair Salon, owned and run by devoted married couple Keith & Dawn. Finding good reliable staff can be a problem but not for them. They employ their grown up children instead, although that does create it's own complications. The regular clients are an eccentric bunch. The play features romance, a shock announcement, two fights and a lot of strange conversations mainly about holidays - this is after all a hair salon! 


PLAYWRIGHT: Club Member Cherry Woodhouse.

This was Cherry's first full length play performed for

the general public, having also written and directed

a one act play titled The Engagement (2007) and the

script for Contemporary Canterbury (2010).


Genre:  Comedy

Playwright: Cherry Woodhouse

Directed by: Cherry Woodhouse

Production Date:  April 2009

Group:  BHTC

Staged: The Theatre, Church Walk, Burgess Hill

BHTC Production Number: 258


Laurie Parsons 

Cherry Woodhouse, Peter Forester & Des Fitzpatrick 

Peter Forester, Cherry Woodhouse, Andy Squires, Samantha, Stephen & Nyah Payne, Peter Gooding, Lara Weller & Jackie Davis

Chris Childs

Pauline Childs

Pamela Skilton

Jackie Davis

Jan Case

Marrie Stewart & Sue Gooding 

Samantha Payne, Andy Squires & Sue Gooding

Rosalind Wood 


Stage Manager

Set Design

Set Construction


Lighting & Sound


Hairstyling & Training





Box Office & Front of House Management


Programme & Press Cuttings

Photos 1-43

Rehearsal Photos 1-11

Photographs courtesy of Sue Gooding

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