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After 'Cinderella' the pantomime of 'Aladdin' is the second most popular in the country. The story originates in the 'Tales of the Arabian Nights', and in the pantomime version it is set in China.


The first recorded performance of 'Aladdin' was in 1788, at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. In the Arabian Nights the villain was not named, but the 1813 production of the pantomime called him 'Abanazar', by which he is still known today.  The Pantomime tells the story of Aladdin, son of a poor widow in Peking. Originally she was called 'Widow Ching Mustapha', and the part was first played by a man, James Rogers, in 1856.


During the 1850's, Victorian London was the destination for the first clipper ships that supplied tea to the London tea houses. The fastest ship gained the largest bonus, and at the time the 'Cutty Sark', now on view in Greenwich, was the holder of that title. There was a fascination for the Chinese style in architecture, fashion and entertainment. In the Pantomime version of 1861 the name of Aladdin's mother became 'Widow Twankey', in H.J. Byron's production. Twankey was a popular tea at this time, from the Tuon Ky region of China. Another character in this version was called 'Pekoe'.



Since the 1860's the Widow Twankey, as she is now known, has become a laundress, allowing scope for slap-stick scenes in the Laundry, along with her other son 'Wishee Washee'. The increase in Chinese laundries in London's East End, and in Liverpool led to these comedy scenes. The magical part of Aladdin comes from the two Djinn or Genies, the Slave of the Ring, and the Genie of the Lamp. The original Genie gave three wishes, but in the pantomime Aladdin is free to use his newly found powers for as long as he holds the lamp.


Genre:  Pantomine

Directed by:  Suzi Allan

Production Date:  January  2013

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Martlets, Burgess Hill

Pantomime Production Number: 48

ALADDIN (6th Show)

Further Productions:

1970    1976    1985   1993    2003


BHTC Production Number: 274

Matt Roberts

Karen Durrell

Martin O'Hara

Ryan Gray

Dominic Durrell

Graham Wood

Gill Roberts

Cerri Cooper

Rebecca Wilson

David Abbott

Peter Gooding

Megan Roberts

Hannah Gardner

Elleyn Hinton

Chris Smith

Mary Ward

Oswald Almeidia

Elena Smith



Slave of the Ring

Genie of the Lamp







Widow Twankey

Wishee Washey

Wishee's Dog Stir Fry


Princess Shinning Star



Royal Guard

Gorgon's Head

Steve Pavey

Jeanette Seymour

Laurie Moody & Phil Laybourn

Suzi Allan

Rosalind Wood

Jamie Todd

Laurie Parsons

Graham Wood

Jamie Todd, Jane Churchill, Graham Wood & David Bevan

Dean Bridger, John Arnold, John Unwins,

Debbie Dillon, Matt Sullivan, Alex Waterfield, Tony Jefford, Mike Mckenzie, Dan Riley,

Rob Armstrong & Dave Martin, Chris Childs

Stephen Brown

Lesley Rowlands, Trudy Stewart &

Pat Griffiths

Janet Cooper, Tracey Chandler & Jo Sommerville

Chiris Twyman & Pat Griffiths

Pauline Childs

Pauline Childs, Alison Arnold &

Jan Moody

Pamela Skilton, Donna Wakeford & Jackie Davis

Peter and Sue Gooding

Rosalind Wood

Rosalind Wood assisted by Club Members and friends


Stage Manager

Deputy Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager


Assistant Choregrapher

Set Design

Production Coordinator

Set Constuction Coordinator

Set Painting & Constuction


Stage Crew




Costume Team



Maker of Props

Make up Design

Make up


Hair and wigs

Publicity & Programme design

Box office Manager

Front of House Manager




Faith Parker, Jenna Coole, Lucy Ward, Maddy Burton, Lily Dumbrill,

Ella Shuck, Megan Plank, Eve Corcoran, Cydney Wilson,

Amy Chacksfield, Phillip Wilson, Josh McCloud, Bradley Collett,

Jack Collins, Sam Wilkins



Millie Collins, Charlotte Sandilands, Esta Pratt, Anna Wright,

Emily Haigh, Maya Thompson, Amelia Ciuraj, Freya Stafford


Senior Boys:

Joshua Plank, Will Cleary



Piano & Musical Director:   Michael Hinton

Drums:   Derek Guildford

Bass:  Leigh Limbrick




Shakira Eastwood, Courtney Freeman-Jarquin, Caia Gelli, Lucy Knell,

Kayna Montecillo, Mikaela Rosales, Grace Thompson, Nicole Wood



Yasmin Howell, Esther Brooks, Jessica Snape, Natascha Eastwood, Nell Summers, Anne-Elizabeth Garry


Cast in Character


Photos 1-108



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