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An unfortunate incident in the kitchen; Sister Julia, Child of God, accidentally kills the other fifty-two residents of the convent with her tainted vichyssoise. Mother Superior is left with a problem, how to bury all the dead nuns...


Mother Superior firstly starts a greeting card company and manages to raise enough funds for the burial, but after buying a large screen TV she finds she is short of money to bury the last four.  


They then decide to raise the missing funds by presenting a variety show at Mount Saint Helen's School auditorium.  (Set with a backdrop to 'Grease' - the school's Year 9 current production).


A mixture of singing, dancing, quizes and nun humour all get the audience involved.  Mother Superior and her 4 sisters all perform their talents to produce a variety show with a difference.


BHTC Notes:  Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd

Group:  BHTC

Production Date: June 2015


Chesney Jones (right)

BHTC Production Number: 287

Staged: The Theatre, Church Walk, Burgess Hill

Directed by: Alicia Lane

Assisted by:  Cherry Woodhouse

Playwright; Dan Goggin (music & lyrics)

Genre: Comedy Musical 

Cher Piddock

Emma Hudson

Natalie Howe

Katherine Whinn

Hannah Gibson


Rev Mother Sister Mary Regina

Sister Leo

Sister Mary Hubert

Sister Mary Amnesia

Sister Robert Anne

Stage Manager


Set Design & Build



Poster Design

Programme Design

Box Office/Front of House

David Martin

Steve Pavey

John Unwins & Steve Pavey

Daisy Hook & Alicia Lane

Alicia Lane

Phil Hawkins

Juliana Stafford

Rosalind Wood


Musical Director:  Michael Hinton

Choreographer:  Janis McLean



First Night Review

"I really enjoyed it, very funny, very good singing and dancing"

Kayleigh Elms 


Production photos 1- coming soon

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