Directed by:  Suzi Allan

Production Date:  December 2019

Playwright:  June Colledge

Genre:  Pantomine

Group:  BHTC

Staged: The Croft Hall,, Burgess Hill Girls

Stephanie Somerville

Bradley Collett

Robert Carpenter

Cydney Wilsom

Richard Gill

Josh Murphy

Gina Paul

Laurence Leng

Sophie Davies

Pippa Jones

Des Fitzpatrick

Hannah Wilson

Joanna Idle

Megan Plank

Daisy Hook

Harry Greatorex

Julia Peckham

Laurence Leng


Phil Labybourn

Graham Wood

John Arnold, Steve Pavey

Graham Wood, David Bevan, Des Fitzpatrick,

Emma Parsley, Duncan Langdown

Laurie Moody, Rob Thomas, Graham Wood, Duncan Langdown

Chris Childs

Dave Martin, Stephen Brown, Jeanette Seymour,

Thornley Thomas=Atkin

Lesley Rowland, Trudy Stewart

Nicki Plank assisted by Alan Ranger and Emma Parsley

Pauline Childs

Jan Moody, Cast and Club Memebers

Graham Wood

Nicki Plank, Stephanie Somerville; Nicola Collins, Daisy Hook

Tim Kendell

Kerry Cooper

Stephanie Somerville

Stephanie Somerville assisted by Club Members

Rosalind Wood assisted by Club Members and Friends

Rosalind Wood assisted by Nicola Collins

Sandra & Chris Stapleton assisted by Club Members and Friends

Nicola Collins

Dick Whittington

Tommy the Cat

Sarah The Cook

Sparkle the Cat

Doodle the Odd Job Man

Dobson the Butler

Polly the Parlour maid

Alderman Fitzwarren

Alice Fitzwarren



Fairy Bow Bell


First Mate


King Illusion

Queen Illusion

King Rat



Stage Manager

Set Construction Coordinator

Deputy Stage Managers

Set Team


Stage Crew

Sound & Lighting Manager

Sound & Lighting Crew




Make-Up Design

Make-Up and Hair Team

Rehearsal Prompt

Publicity Team


Poster Animation

Poster & Programme Design

Box Office Manager

Front of House Administraor

Production and Venue Co=ordinator

Bar Managers

Childrens Licensing

Programme & Press Cuttings

Box Office Opening Day Photos  UNDER CONSTRUCTION



Our journey begins with a famous gentleman called Richard Whittington, a true and remarkable business man of his time. There are many interesting facts about him and many variations of the stories which flourished when a play was
produced in 1606. The story continued to grow in the 17th and 18th centuries and appeared in many children's books. In the 19th century, the story became the subject for pantomimes and other characters were added. Even now, Dick Whittington and the cat that made his fortune are familiar to people who have
never heard of the 'real' Richard Whittington.

Our story begins when Dick Whittington, a poor boy from Gloucestershire, believed that the streets of London were paved with gold. He set about walking to London to seek his fortune. He found work in the house of a merchant Fitzwarren, and fell in love with Fitzwarren's daughter, Alice. Dick had a cat called Tommy who helped catch the mice in the attic where .they slept.


An envoy from the Magical Islands arrives to trade with Fitzwarren. Unbeknown to Alice her father was broke and this was his last chance to make some money. If he failed, his current debt to Mr Slyful would invoke a clause that promised
him Alice's hand in marriage.

Fitzwarren convinces Dick to set sail with the last of his merchandise and most of his household staff as crew. Despite the efforts of the Captain they are shipwrecked in a storm whilst landing on the Magical Islands, losing their precious cargo. Fortunately they all survive and are presented to the King and Queen but are shocked to learn that the island is over run by scavenging rats desperate for food, placing them in grave danger..

Now their adventure truly begins. How will they all escape and survive. Will Dick ever get home to marry Alice or will Mr Slyful win her yet?


PLAYWRIGHT:   June Colledge (Club Member). Adapted from her mother's script

(Marjorie Ristorie),

Photographs courtesy of 


Further Productions:

1981    1990    2000   2010



Director and Choreographer: Suzi Allan

Choreographer: Rosalind Wood



Hooly-Anne Barker, Evie Grout, Grace Jago

Lucy Knight, Katie Knight, Evie Mills,

Daisy Oakley, Leo Rimmer,

Arwen Shotter-Johnston,

Haydn Shotter-Johnston, Abigail Thomas,

Isabel Thomas

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Pantomime Production Number: 55

BHTC Production Number: 306

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Choreography by: Vikki Harris



Alice Smith, Jessica Miller, Courtney Freeman Jarquin, Elsie Brooks, Yasmin Sadie, Jemima Mills




Musical Director & Keyboard: Micheal Hinton

Keyboard Ian White

Drums: Derek Guildford


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Backstage Photos

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