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Two ballroom dancers, a man and a woman named Reginald and Thelma Harris, are hurriedly getting ready for an event. A lampshade which had used bullets as a counterweight has broken and a woman crawls on the floor to look for them. The mother plays the tuba. A policeman watching from outside finds the activity inside suspicious and calls in his inspector. The inspector asks about the family's memories of a man they had seen outside of the Tate Museum where a René Magritte exhibit is being held. He invents an entirely false story, accusing the family of complicity in a crime known as the Crippled Minstrel Caper.

BHTC NOTES: This production was performed as part of the clubs on-going programme of encouraging new directors and club members to gain acting experience, whilst entertaining members, patrons, family and friends.


Genre:  Surreal Comedy

Playwright: Tom Stoppard

Directed by:  Doreen Cripps

Production Date:  May  2001

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Theatre, Church Walk, Burgess Hill

BHTC Production Number: 216



Derek McLean

Chris Childs

Joseph Stevens

Malcom Stevens


David Plank

Nicki Plank

Doreen Cripps

David Bevan
Malcolm Stevens


Reginald Harris

Thelma Harris


Chief Inspector Foot

Police Constable Holmes

Stage Manager

Lighting & Sound

Special Effects


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