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Production Date:  June 1976

Directed by: Elizabeth Batten

Genre:  Drama

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill




Alicia Christie, the mother, is the calming influence in her upper middle class family. But her life reaches a cross-roads with the impending marriage of her son, Roy, with whom she has always cherished a very close relationship. Although she approves of her future daughter-in-law, Alicia realises that she is losing her to the one person she cares for. However, one night Alicia sees her wearing a black chiffon nightdress and the girl becomes a living subconcious symbol of her own lost youth.


After a period of depression, she steals a similar garment - in a moment of emotional exultation, she explains to her doctor. However, having been caught and because she doesn't want to wash her family's dirty linen in public, she refuses to allow her doctor to give his report in open court and offers no mitigation. (Taken from Mark Gale's review below). 

BHTC NOTES: Seemingly a little square of black chiffon was stuck to each of the posters used to advertise the production.

Stage Manager

Stage Designer

Set Design & Construction



Lighting & Sound

Stage Effects


Front Of House

Box Office


Gary Smith

Brenda Keyes

Colin Thompson & Geoff Twyman

Norma Somerville

Pam Jefferies

Peter Coveney

Martin Lea

Margaret Coveney

Jan Case, Melanie Murfin & Barbara Chamberlain

Pam Jefferies



Playwrights:  Lesley Storm


Roy Christie


Alicia Christie


Robert Christie

Dr Bennet Hawkins

Lynne Jones

Kevin Gray
Stella Adams

Elizabeth Batten

Pat Elliott

Leon Figg

James Towell

BHTC Production Number: 91

Programme, Photo & Press Cuttings

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