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Production Date:  April 1986

Directed by: Sheila Wells

Genre:  Comedy Farce

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill




Bernard, a swinging yuppie bachelor with an insatiable appetite for women, thinks he can easily cope with three air stewardess girlfriends. It’s all a question of juggling their timetables and everything proceeds like clockwork, until the arrival of a new "Super Boeing" plane (travelling at double the speed!) and he is landed with a huge problem on his hands as they all arrive at once, along with an unexpected visit from his old school friend Robert, who joins them in an hysterical whirl of confusion and matchmaking.

'Boeing Boeing' holds the record for being the longest running comedy in the history of French theatre and became a successful Hollywood movie starring Tony Curtis and Jerry Lewis.

BHTC NOTES: Theatre club publicity for the production incorporated an Easter bonnet competition (See press articles below)



Playwright: Marc Camoletti

Jan Case

Terry Thompsett

Peter Coveney

Geoff Twyman & Elizabeth Batten

Graham Wood & Terry Thompsett

Christopher Page, Sue Wilson, Richard Griffin & Jez Hole

Margaret Coveney & Maureen Thomas

Margaret Coveney, Jan Case

Audrey Lewry & Nancy Forsdike

Norma Somerville

Elizabeth Lorentzen

Val Thompsett







Mary Jupp
Anthony Hole

Nancy Forsdike

Kim Newland

Julia Clark

Jane Josephs

Assistant to the Director

Stage Manager

Technical Manager

Set Design

Set Construction

Technical Team


Wardrobe Team



Box Office Manager

Front of House Manager

BHTC Production Number: 135

Programme & Press Cuttings

Boeing Boeing programme

Boeing Boeing programme


Kim Newland, Nancy Forsdike & Anthony Hole

Anthony Hole, Nancy Forsdike & Mary Jupp

Jane Josephs & Nancy Fordike

Nancy Forsdike & Kim Newland

Anthony Hole, Kim Newland & Julia Clark

(Back) Jane Josephs, Kim Newland, Anthony Hole, Julia Clark. (Front) Sheila Wells, Mary Jupp & Nancy Forsdike

(Back) Kim Newland, Jez Hole, Terry Thompsett, Anthony Hole, Julia Clark & Richard Griffin (Middle) Jane Josephs, Norma Somerville, Margaret Coveney, Mary Jupp & Sue Wilson. (Front) Jan Case, Sheila Wells & Nancy Forsdike

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