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Captain Carvallo and his batman are billeted in a farmhouse in occupied Ruritania territory. The batman and the serving maid are attracted to each other. The Captain tries to seduce the farmer's wife Smilja. A member of the resistance turns up and the Captain mistakes him for Smilja's husband Caspar.


When Caspar shows up he realises that something is going on and puts them on trial. They persuade him to put them on parole instead but then the resistance orders them to be killed.



Directed by:  Douglas E Strike

Production Date:  April 1953

Playwright:  Dennis Cannan

Genre:  Comedy 

Group:  New Amateur Dramatic Society (NADS)

Staged:  St Andrews Parish Room Burgess Hill


Cast and Crew

Norma Moore

Joan Moore

Arthur Compton

Peter Sinden

Jack Denman

Douglas E Strike

Norman Addley


Charles Gover 


Smilja Dade

The Baron

Professor Winke

Private Gross

Captain Carvallo

Casper Dade


Stage Manager


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