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Charlie Bucket was not special, but he was the luckiest boy in the entire world - he just didn't know it yet. 15 years ago, Willy Wonka opened the largest chocolate factory in the world inventing the most incredible sweets and chocolate delights, but spies stole his recipes so he closed the factory. It didn't close forever though, and suddenly he decides to allow 5 children to visit the factory and one of them will win a special prize at the end. The children have to find one of the five golden tickets hidden beneath the ordinary wrapping paper of five ordinary Wonka bars. And so the adventure begins...


PLAYWRIGHT: Adapted by Richard George from the book by 

Roald Dahl (13 September 1916 – 23 November 1990) who

was a UK novelist, short story author and screenwriter

of Norwegian parentage, famous as a

writer for both children and adults.


Playwright: Richard George 

Adapted from book by Roald Dahl

Genre:  Comedy Drama

Directed by:  Graham Knight

Production Date:  June 1986

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill


BHTC Production Number: 138


David Downer
Neil Hookway

Mary Thompsett

Kerry Negus

Jamie Clark

Terry Thompsett

Deidre Baker

Paul Whittington

Christine Lewry

Jenny Carter

Jim Towell

Steven Bradford

Pearl White

Rick Peckham
Audrey Lewry

Keith Jefferies

Shirley Carter

Jenny Cooper


Sheila Wells

Terry Thompsett

Elizabeth Batten

Terry Thompsett, Graham Wood, Roy Lewry,

Valerie Thompsett, Julie Richards & Harry Champion

John Hurst

John Hurst, Richard Griffin, Christine Bradford

& John Funnell

Barbara Kinsey, Norma Somerville & Valerie Thompsett

Audrey Lewry, Mary Jupp, Pam Jefferies, Christine Bradford & Valerie Thompsett

Maureen Thomas

Mary Jupp

Jane Towell & Audrey Lewry

Anthony White, Maureen Thomas, Gaynor Harris,

Andrea Cooper, Samantha Lea & Graham Knight



Augustus Gloop

Veruca Salt

Violet Beaureguard

Mike Teavee

Mr Bucket

Grandma Josephine

Grandpa George

Grandma Georgina

Mrs Bucket

Grandpa Jo

Charlie Bucket

Mrs Gloop

Willy Wonka

Mrs Teavee

Mr Salt

Mrs Salt

Mrs Beaureguard


Assistant to Director

Stage Manager

Set Design

Set Construction


Technical Manager

Technical Team



Wardrobe Team



Box Office

Front of House

Make-up Team



Selena King, Michelle Harris, Caroline Tinker, Jonathan Fox, Claire Foulser, Louise Thompsett, Ellie Peckham, Lynne Ticehurst, Nina Rimmer, Diane Johnson, Debbie Leppard, Andrea Puttick, Nicola Wood, Daniel Knight, Christine Lewry, Paul Whittington, Angela Carter, Nikki Bradford, Helen Browning & Claire Adkins

Programme & Press Cutting


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