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Mrs. Bennett is determination to get her daughters married. Jane, Elizabeth and Lydia are likely looking girls in a period when a woman's one possible career is matrimony To be a wife was success. Anything else was failure. Jane and her Mr. Bingley and Lydia with her Mr. Wickham are quite content with things as they are, but not Elizabeth! She actually refuses to marry Mr. Collins, whom she openly deplores, and Mr. Darcy, whom she secretly adores. The play is the story of the duel between Elizabeth and her pride and Darcy and his prejudice. Each gives in before the evening is over and pride and prejudice meet halfway.


PLAYWRIGHT: Jane Austen adapted for the stage by Helen Jerome.


BHTC NOTES: Apart from the annual Pantomimes, this was the first club production to be performed back on a larger stage since July 2000.


Genre:  Period Drama

Playwright:  Jane Austen

Directed by: Pippa Jones & Morag Mitchell

Production Date:  June 2010

Group:  BHTC

Staged: The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill

BHTC Production Number: 263

Mary Ward

Martin O'Hara

Sophie Jones

Catherine Carpenter

Pollyanna Brackenbury

Richard Conolly

Andrew Davies

Andy Squires

Chesney Jones

Emma Bonney

Cherry Woodhouse

Joan Collins

Emily Benyon

Peter Fallon

Jacky Hilary

Laura Cooper

Daniel Frampton

Sara Norman

Lara Weller

Nicki Plank



Mrs Bennet

Mr Bennet

Elizabeth Bennet

Jane Bennet

Lydia Bennet

Mr Darcy

Mr Bingley

Mr Collins

Mr Wickham

Charlotte Lucas

Lady Lucas

Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Miss Bingley

Colonel Fitzwilliam

Mrs Gardiner


Captain Denny

Mrs Hill


Mrs Lake

Pippa Jones

Geoff Twyman

Liz Burton

Jeanette Seymour

Chris Childs, Stephen Brown & Charlie Carr

Elizabeth Batten

Elizabeth Batten

Jo Somerville & Chrissie Walton

Trudy Stewart, Marrie Stewart, Kathy Bonney,

Jane Forester & Amanda Venning

Pamela Skilton, Donna Wakeford & Jackie Davis

Pauline Childs

Richard Conolly

Jane Kendall

Sue Gooding

David Abbott

Rosalind Wood

Rosalind Wood


Production Coordinator

Set Design

Stage Manager

Deputy Stage Manager

Lighting & Sound

Set Dressed By

Procurement of Props


Wardrobe Team




Sermon Wriiten By


Publicity Manager

Poster & Programme Design

Box Office Manager

Front Of House Manager

Set Construction:

Steve Jones, Peter Forester, Graham Wood, Andy Squires, Sean Lippett Fall, Martin O'Hara & Chesney Jones


Set Painting:

Geoff Twyman, Peter Gooding, Sue Gooding, Pippa Jones, Steve Jones, Sophie Jones, Chesney Jones, Morag Mitchell, Chris Mitchell, Jackie Davis, Nicki Plank, David Plank, Megan Plank, Joshua Plank, Sara Norman, Heather Norman, Des Fitzpatrick, Oli Sparasci, Deavid Bevan, Chrissie Walton, Lara Weller,

Terry Thompsett, Emma Bonney, Andrew Davies, Pollyanna Brackenbury, Emily Benyon, John Benyon, Cherry Woodhouse, Dave Woodhouse, Jacky Hilary, Catherine Carpenter, Sarah Hollebon & Charlie Carr


Stage Crew:

Steve Pavey, Laurie Moody, Matt Sullivan, Peter Forester, Terry Thompsett, David Bevan & Richard Light

Programme & Press Cuttings

Cast in Character 

Production Photos 1-140




Publicity Photos 1-12

Poster & Programme Illustration Courtesy of Neill Cameron

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