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Spring Production - 2023


On Golden Pond

A play by Ernest Thompson


Harriët Sheldon


Production dates 

19 to 22 April 2023



Set in Maine (USA) in 1979, this is a love story between Norman and Ethel who have spent 48 summers in their holiday cabin on Golden Pond. They get a surprise visit from their daughter, Chelsea, with her fiancé and his child, Billy, on their way to Europe. They leave Billy behind for the summer who becomes the ‘grandchild’ they never had. Norman loves taking his ward fishing and they teach each other the value of books and the awareness of a modern teenager.



Norman             Philip Robison

Ethel                  Jacky Hilary

Operator           Jenny Philpot

Chelsea             Adrienne Chinn

Charlie               Archie Tipple

Bill                      Ed Johnson

Billy                    Emilia Caraiman

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