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Production Date:  october 1978

Directed by: Nancy Forsdike

Genre:  Comedy Farce

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill




Valentine Brose applies for a boilerman job in a factory. During the interview with works manager; Mr Price and personnel manager Mrs Murray, he is told that he must always be on hand at 11:55 p.m. to press a button on the boiler.


Getting the job, Brose goes one step further and moves his pink-nightie-clad bride into the boiler room and starts growing mushrooms which sprout hallucinogenic caps. Brose munches on one and can see Mrs. Murray naked. She flees, trying desperately to shield herself with her personnel folder!

BHTC NOTES: Although critically aclaimed, Nancy (Director) remembers that the play was not well received by audiences!


PLAYWRIGHT: Livings had an anarchic sense of humour and a fierce and loving commitment to his working-class anti-heroes. Most of his plays are surreal farces set in ordinary places: a public lavatory in 'Stop It, Whoever You Are'; a bolier room in 'Eh?' and outside the door of a lift on the upper floor of a high-rise block of flats in 'The ffinest ffamily in the Land'.

Stage Manager

Set Design &



Box Office

Sound & Lighting

Front Of House

Keith Jefferies

Chris Mayo
Christine Kenner

Charles Lewis

John Bunn

Cathy Surridge

Anthony White



Playwright:  Henry Livings



Mrs. Murray

Valentine Brose

Rev. Mort

Batty Dorrick


Margaret Coveney

Geoff Twyman, Brian Leggatt, Peter Case,

Peter Harwood & Peter Palmer

Suzanna Lewis

Pam Jefferies

Peter Coveney, Trevor Wilson & Elizabeth Lorentzen

Ron Forsdike

BHTC Production Number: 101

Programme & Press Cuttings

Photos 1-7

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