April despises her job working in a bar and instead dreams of success as an artist. Wanting to help her achieve this, her partner Michael convinces his boss that he is ideal for a promotion so that April can quit her job and spend more time painting. As Michael's career flourishes, April's dream of an art career faces set back after set back. Soon her jealousy towards Michael controls her and the situation is not helped by Chris and his wife Jo, who are too caught up in their own mindless arguments to help. 

With a contemporary rock score, this new musical will make you laugh and cry, and have you tapping your feet along with the music.

BHTC NOTES: Staging a musical in the clubs own small theatre was never going to be easy, but by the shared use of the dressing room and a video link, this was successfully achieved (see photos below). For more information about Stephen's music please see Sebelius music site where you can buy the sheet music from the show. 


PLAYWRIGHT: Stephen J. Hall (Club Member)


Genre:   Musical

Playwrights:  Stephen J Hall

Directed by: Stephen J Hall

Production Date:  June 2006

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Theatre, Church Walk, Burgess Hill

BHTC Production Number: 240


Jonathan Idle

Vicki Searle

James Klech

Lara Weller

Peter Gooding

Steff Reeves

Creative Team




Jo/Bar Manager

Mr Hammond



Derek McLean & Laurie Moody

Pippa Jones

Gabriella Paul

Martin Hall

Derek McLean, Laurie Moody, John Arnold, Dean Bridger, Steve Pavey, Martin O'Hara & Tony Jefford & Ali Fowler

Chris Childs

Pauline Childs

Julia Clifton

Pam Skilton

Norma Somerville & Pippa Jones

Norma Somerville

Nicki Plank 

Rosalind Wood

Stage Management


Art Work

Set Design

Construction & Backstage Crew

Set Art Work

Lighting & Sound




Props Team


Publicity & Programmes

Box Office & Front of House Management

John Arnold, Derek McLean, Steve Pavey, Dean Bridger, Laurie Moody & Martin O'Hara


           Ian White    Piano / Conductor

        Sam White    Bass Guitar

         Mark Daly     Drums

  Chris Emmett     Guitar

Programme and Press Cuttings

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Cast in Character

Production Photos 1-57

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Backstage & Rehearsal Photos 1-12

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