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Directed by: Keith Jefferies

Genre:  Comedy Farce

Group:  BHTC

Staged: The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill

Norma Somerville

Nancy Fordike

Barbara Chamberlain

Ena Barron

Rodney Nash

Keith Jefferies

Peter Case

Helen Cox

Jim Towell




A classic mainstream old-style West End comedy - Wedding Day chaos with the Hornett family. Emma Hornett is a domestic tyrant, domineering, house-proud, self-righteous to a fault - and she continuously bullies her ferret-fancier husband Henry and his live-in spinster sister, Edie. Worst of all, she is not amused when her precious daughter chooses orphan sailor Albert Tufnell as a prospective husband. Sparks fly and worms turn as they battle it out in this classic comedy! 


PLAYWRIGHTS: Philip King & Falkland Cary wrote 'Sailor Beware in 1958. As well as writing independently and in partnership with others, King and Cary co-wrote a number of other plays, some of which continued the nautical theme: 'Watch it Sailor' (1961) (Sequel to Sailor Beware) and 'Rock-A-Bye Sailor!' (1963)

Production Date:  October 1973

Emma Hornet

Edie Hornet

Mrs. Lack

Daphne Pink

Albert Tuftnell A B

Carnoustic Bligh A B

Henry Hornet

Shirley Hornet

Reverend Purefoy

Asst. Producer

Stage Manager

Set Designer

Lighting & Effects





Front of House Manager


Rick Peckham

Anthony Hole

Anthony White

Daid Bensusan & Mike Pate

Joan Collins

Kathleen Meggs & Brenda Keyes

Elizabeth Batten, Audrey Wilshaw &

Anne Fairall

Fred Richings

Christine Batsford & Joan O'Meara


Playwright: Philip King & Falkland Cary

BHTC Production Number: 77

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