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Each poem is an epitaph of a dead citizen, delivered by the dead themselves. They speak about the sorts of things one might expect: some recite their histories and turning points, others make observations of life from the outside, and petty ones complain of the treatment of their graves, while few tell how they really died.

BHTC NOTES: Performed as part of an evening of entertainment for the enjoyment of members, patrons and friends and family.
Only the programme has been discovered about this production. If you can provide any further information or items, please get in touch.


Genre:   Dramatization

Playwrights:  Edgar Lee Masters

Directed by:  Jacky Hilary

Production Date:  July 2006

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Theatre, Church Walk, Burgess Hill

BHTC Production Number: 241


Natalie Howe

Gina Buccierelli 

Stephanie Somerville

Kerri Cooper 

Curtis Bateman 

Lianne Baker

Natalie Dawes 

Gemma Blackie

Oliver Sparasci 

Sam Ashcroft

Sophie Jones

Gemma Wilson

Oliver Sparasci


Emma Bonney

Benjamin Pantier

Jasmine Smith

Alexandra Wolfe

Clarence Fawcett

Hannah Edwards

Kerri Cooper

Curtis Bateman

Richard Bone

Hamilton Greene

Elsa Wertmann

Louise Smith

Herbert Marshall

Mrs Williams

Dora Williams

Emily Sparks

Reuben Pantier

Roscoe Purkapile

Mrs Purkapile

Mrs Bliss

Rev. Wiley


Stephen Brown

Trudy & Doug Stewart

Margaret Fuller Slack

Benjamin Pantier

Mrs Pantier

Alexandra Wolfe

Clarence Fawcett

Daisy Fraser

Aner Clute

Lucius Atherton




Spoon River programme

Spoon River programme

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