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The story of a willowy little man who comes to an office for an interview. He has a long wait, and to kill time he shows the receptionist his photographic collection. Finally, the important man arrives and the little man is given his forms to fill out. "Don't bother too much with the answers to the questions", he is told; "Just concentrate on the replies".


The little man leaves, but returns shortly a changed man, and forthwith begins interviewing and lecturing the important man himself.


BHTC NOTES: This production was performed as part of an evening of Two One Act Plays. It is not clear whether these shows were seen by the general public or just club members and friends



Genre:  1 Act Play  Comedy

Playwright:  N F Simpson

Produced by: Neil Batsford

Production Date:  1969

Group:  BHTC

Staged: The Park Centre, Burgess Hill

BHTC Production Number: 59

Leon Figg

Rodney Nash

Sheila Newell

Ann Woodgate



Mr Characterson

Mr Winby

Miss Ongew

Miss Haviour

Mike Cannon

Audrey Wilshaw



Stage Manager


The Form programme

The Form programme


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