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The Grand Regent Prince Charles intends to spend the evening before his coronation with a chorus girl, but when Mary Morgan arrives the liason goes disastrously wrong. Mary realises how lonely these aristocrats are and the Regent responds to her simple philosophy by saying that everything can be solved by adding a little more love. In true fairy tale style they fall in love - but even fairy tales have to end... 



PLAYWRIGHT: Terence Rattigan (June 10, 1911 – November 30, 1977) was one of England's most important 20th century dramatists. For a decade after the Second World War, he was one of England's leading playwrights, but the eruption of the "kitchen sink" school of English drama in the mid-1950s scuttled his critical reputation. This play was made into a film in 1957, but renamed 'The Prince & The Showgirl' starring Marilyn Monroe & Laurence Olivier, which he also directed.



Playwright:  Terence Rattigan

Genre:  Romantic Drama

Directed by: Nancy Forsdike

Production Date:  October 1984

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill


BHTC Production Number: 127


Tim Kendell
Robin Blaxland

James Towell

Susannah Jupp

Anthony Hole

Keith Jeferies

Charles Lewis

Paul Wigzell

Jane Josephs

Maureen Thomas

Pearl White

Sheila Wells

Jagqui Somerville

Carol Brewer-Welsby
Rebecca Muggeridge

Norma Somerville


Tim Kendell

Margaret Coveney

Peter Coveney

Richard Griffin, Jeremy Hole

& John Hurst

Elizabeth Batten
Tim Kendell & Terry Thompsett

Nancy Forsdike

Sarah Jane Blaber

Margaret Coveney

Elizabeth Lorentzen

Frank Oakley

Eileen Cook

Elizabeth Batten

1st Footman

2nd Footman



The Major-Domo

The Butler

The Regent

King Nicolas

The Grand Duchess

The Countess

The Baroness

The Archduchess

Princess Louisa

Carpathian Maids

Stage Manager

DeputyStage Manager

Technical Manager

Technical Team


Set Design

Set Construction




Box Office

Front of House Administrator

Gypsy Violin Music

Choreography for Carpathian Maids

Programme & Press Cuttings 

Publicity Photos

Production Photos

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