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Production Date:  June 1977

Directed by: Sheila Sharpless

Genre:  Comedy

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill




The young organist of the village church is courting Nancy, the niece of Alderman Helliwell who doesn't think very much of the companionship and informs him that playing the organ is all that is required of him. It is with some glee that the organist informs them that he has discovered the parson was not qualified to marry couples and consequently the village's three staunchest and most respected couples are not married at all. The effect of the announcement is cataclysmic and smugness gives way to hilarious adventure.

BHTC NOTES: Sheila Wells remembers that Sheila Sharpless was paid to direct this special production, which celebrated the club's 25th year. However Nancy Forsdike (playing Clara Soppitt) remembers the production for different reasons, as she recorded in her scrapbook that she fell off the stage and broke her kneecap!





PLAYWRIGHT: John Boynton Priestley (1894 - 1984). 'When We Are Married' was first performed in 1938.

Playwrights:  J B Priestly

BHTC Production Number: 95


Anita Pugh

Gary Smith

Jo White
Cathy Surridge

Kevin Gray
Leon Figg

Peter Martin

Margaret Coveney
Keith Jefferies

Jim Wilson

Nancy Forsdike

Jan Case

Stella Adams

Michael Woolard


Ruby Birtle

Gerald Forbes

Mrs Northrop

Cathy Surridge

Fred Dyson

Henry Ormonroyd

Alderman Joseph Halliwell

Maria Helliwell

Councillor Albert Parker

Herbert Soppitt

Clara Soppitt

Annie Parker

Lottie Grady

Rev. Clement Mercer

Michael Pate

Elizabeth Woolard

Geoff Twyman, Colin Thompson, Michael Pate, Christopher Coveney & Brian Leggatt

Sheila Wells

Peter Coveney, Terry Adams & Trevor Wilson

Nancy Forsdike

Jane Towell

Jim Towell


Stage Manager


Set Design and Construction



Lighting & Sound 

Ladies Dress Designer

Box Office

Front Of House

Programme & Press Cuttings


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