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Businessman Glenn Howard's wealthy wife, Maggie, wants them to go and live in Bermuda, meaning he would have to give up his job. The life of a kept man does not appeal to Glenn, who also has another woman in his life, so he devises a seemingly foolproof plan to do away with his wife, enjoy her money and indulge his new love. Not only will he be in the clear, but the prime suspect will be his wife's former lover, Sam Blaine. Working with his close friend, an actress named Sheila Wallis, Glenn carries out the plan and everything seems to be working as it should - until the arrival of Superintendent Remick....

Unlike other murder mysteries, the audience is party to the dreadful deed and watching Glenn smilingly lie his way out of one tight corner after another, makes the urge to shout 'He did it!' almost overwhelming.


PLAYWRIGHT: Francis Durbridge (25 November 1912 - 11 April 1998) was an English playwright and author.



Playwright:  Francis Durbridge

Genre: Mystery Thriller

Directed by: Sheila Wells

Production Date:  April 1997

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill


BHTC Production Number: 139

Joan Collins

Audrey Lewry
Vikki Josephs

Anthony Hole

Jackie Lander

Jim Clark

Leon Figg

Peter Harwood


Jan Case

Terry Thompsett

Elzabeth Batten & Hannah Batten

Graham Wood

Peter Coveney

Jeremy Hole, Richard Griffin & Christopher Page

Maureen Thomas

Margaret Coveney & Barbara Kinsey

Norma Somerville

Mary Jupp

Valerie Thompsett & Sandra Knight


Maggie Howard

Helen Tenby

Ruth Bechler

Sam Blaine

Sheila Wallis

Glenn Howard



Assistant Director

Stage Manager

Set Design

Set Construction

Technical Manager

Technical Team




Box Office

Front of House



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