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Why not take part?

Join us and get involved!

  • Learn theatrical lighting

  • Learn set design

  • Learn costume design

  • Learn to Act sing and dance

  • Learn stage management

  • Gardening

  • Building maintenance

  • Sound design

  • Act

  • Sing

  • Dance

  • Direct

  • Produce

  • Construct Set

  • Special effects

  • Socialising

  • Play an instrument

We are an active theatre group which aims to put on three plays and a pantomime each year.


We also have various social events throughout the year ranging from play readings and quiz nights to coffee mornings and BBQ's. It's a great place to meet new people and even learn some new skills. We also support town events such as the Burgess Hill Bonfire Night and Town Day and are proud to be part of the local community.


If you want to join us in acting, directing, backstage or front of house why not join us as a member. If you just want to support the Club and help with non acting roles and be part of the social scene, then simply join as a patron member. If you have an interest in theatre and performing arts please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you:

All members are entilted to:  

Newsletter of Club Activities    

Invitation to all Social Occasions     

Priority Booking for Performances

Right to Vote on Club Activities

Free Costume Hire

Patron Membership

Free tickets for 3 productions+

Exclusive Event

Single: £36 per annum

Double: £66 per annum

+ excludes the Pantomime

Membership Type




Senior Membership

Acting in productions


£30 per annum

£15 per 1/2 year*

Junior Members

Acting in productions

(Age 7 and under 16)


£12 per annum

£6 per 1/2 year*

Student Membership

Acting in productions

(Age 16+ In education)


£17 per annum

£8.50 per 1/2 year*

* 1/2 year membership rates are available from the 1st January until the AGM in July

   Full year rates run from AGM to AGM held in July.

If you are completing either online form, please click on send at the end of the form and a member of the Theatre Club

will get back to you about fees and membership.

Membership forms - 0nline and PDF format (available for download)

If you wish to post your application with your cheque, please download the form below and send it to the appropriate secretary.

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