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Dick Whittington

Dick Whittington, a poor boy from Gloucester, believed that the streets of London were paved with gold. He set off to London to seek his fortune. Working for a merchant Fitzwarren, he fell in love with Fitzwarren's daughter, Alice.

An envoy arrives to trade with Fitzwarren. Unbeknown to Alice, her father was broke and this was his last chance to to make some money. if he failed, his current debt to Mr Slyful involved Alice's hand in marriage..........

The Father

This is a wonderful play that deals with the challenges of aging and losing one’s memory due to the onset and process of dementia. It deals with the relationships that are challenged and compromised in this situation and is warm, sometimes humorous, but heart-rending and thought-provoking.I am looking forward to exploring this amazing play as we work towards bringing it to life! It will be hard work but a fun and ultimately rewarding experience..

A Steady Rain

A Steady Rain” is a gritty, pacy play that explores various relationships & complex bonds formed and grown on the tough streets of Chicago. Often amusing & violent in equal measure , we follow Joey & Denny who have been best friends since School as they try to survive as Policemen on the unforgiving streets of Chicago.




Steel Magnolias


The play sees us transported back to the late '80's to Truvy's hair salon. Over the course of a year we get to know Truvy and her friends and experience the laughter and tears that make up what we call 'Life' with its ups and downs. Central to the plot is Shelby who we see preparing to be married but at the same time living with Type One Diabetes.

Robin Hood and Babes in the Wood

Babes in the Wood is based on an old English Ballad of 1595. It tells the story of two children, abandoned deep in the forest upon the orders of their wicked Uncle.


Folklore has it that the events told in Babes in the Wood originally happened in Wayland Wood in Norfolk, England. It is said that the uncle lived at the nearby Griston Hall and the ghosts of the children haunt Wayland Wood.


The positive influence experiment

A production entirely devised by the youth workshop.


Come & join the experiment!

Tabitha is the test subject, can we predict her future?

We would really appreciate your input.


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