Directed by:  Suzi Allan

Production Date:  January  2018

Playwright:  June Colledge

Genre:  Pantomine

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill





Cinderella is treated like a slave by her evil stepmother and horrid step sisters. Stopped from going to the palace ball, Cinderella is visited by her fairy godmother, who with the aid of some clever magic, makes Cinderella a beautiful ball gown with matching glass slippers. Warned to be home before the clock strikes twelve, Cinderella has such a wonderful time dancing with the hansome Prince Charming, she forgets and in her rush to get away, she leaves one glass slipper on the stair.


Can Prince Charming find the owner and marry his true love? 





This script was adapted by June Colledge

from her mother's (Marjorie Ristorie)

professional script.  It has since been

adapted by Suzi Allan, (June's daughter)

whos continuing work keeps our pantos

hilariously funny and topical,

but always traditional.


Our grateful thanks to the many other club members, patrons and friends that assisted with scenery painting, props making, box office, front of house and the selling of sweets & refreshements, and of course the BHTC & Drusillas registered chaperones who supported our junior members.


Further Productions:

1965   1971   1980   1989   1999 2009


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Pantomime Production Number: 53

BHTC Production Number: 298

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Suzanna Carr, Sophia Fernandes,

Millie Hewitt-Lock, Arwyn Lane, Lola Monnery,

Evie Pitts, Summer Rees & Evie Sykes

Mati Bampini, Shakira Eastwood,

Courtney Freeman-Jarquin, Grace Hayes, Lucy Knell, Jessica Miller, Kayna Montecillo, Molly Smith & Nicole Wood




Choreography by Vikki Harris, assisted by Lucy Somerville

Costumes Design by Lucy Harris

Dancers from Drusilla Duffill Theatre School

Musical Director and Keyboard



Michael Hinton

Ellen Campbell

Derek Guildford


Oliver Anderson, Holly-Anne Barker,

Chloe Collard, Daniel Collard, Tiana Fordham,  Lucy Knight, Isabelle McIntosh, Leo Rimmer,  Haydn Shotter-Johnston, Abigail Thomas & Isobel Thomas

Junior Chorus

Musical Accompaniment

Director and Choreographer

Assistant Choreographer

Charlotte Anderson,  Charlotte Curran, Lani Farmer, Evie Grout, Dominika Knotkova-Hanley, Erin Lang, Daisy Oakley, Ellah Sasson, Laura Scott, Ella Shuck

Suzi Allan

Rosalind Wood

Production Team

Senior Chorus

Stage Manager

Deputy Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Set Design

Set Coordinator

Set Construction & Painting



Stage Crew












Make-Up Design

Make-Up & Hair Team




Publicity Manager

Publicity Team



Poster Design


Programme Design

Box Office Manager

Front Of House Administrator

Production Coordinator

Children's Licensing


Phil Laybourn

Steve Pavey

Laurie Moody

Jaimie Todd

Graham Wood

Jaimie Todd, Jane Churchill,

Nicki Plank, Kevin Johnson,

Dan Knight, Graham Wood

Chris Stapleton, Kevin Johnson, Rob Thomas, Dave Martin,

Laurie Moody, Steve Pavey,

John Arnold, Laura Cooper,

John Unwins, Tony Jefford,

David Woodhouse, Joe Hanlon, Ryan Gosling, Harry Greatorex

Chris Childs

Stephen Brown

Lesley Rowland & Trudy Stewart

Nicki Plank, Pippa Jones assisted by Mary Ward & Mrgan Plank

Pauline Cook

Pauline Cook, Jan Moody

Alison Arnold

Hannah Wilson

assisted by Club Members

Stephanie Somerville

Nicki Plank, Nicola Collins,

Tim Kendell, Phil Hawkins,

Dale Smith, Dan Knight

Stephanie Somerville,

Dale Smith, Stephen Brown

Stephanie Somerville

Rosalind Wood

Rosalind Wood

Laurie Parsons

Marrie Holt

Baron Hard-Up
Baroness Hard-up
Trash Hard-Up

Trish Hard-Up




Prince Charming
Dandini (Valet)

Miss Muffet

Old Lady / Fairy Godmother
Mr Stingy

Mrs Bonker Stingy

Grandpa Stingy

Donker Stingy

Wonker Stingy

Concker Stingy

Honker Stingy

Trumpy the Spider

Dobbin the Horse

Palace Flunkey





Des Fitzpatrick

Megan Roberts

David Abbott

Don Stewart

Matt Roberts

Dale Smith

Sophie Jones

Ellen Hinton

Stephanie Somerville

Natalie Howe

Julia Peckham

Chris Smith

Gill Roberts

Graham Wood

Josh McLeod

Daniel Telling

Bradley Collett

Tom Baty

Caroline Gibbs

Dale Smith (F) Janet Pavey (B)

Laura Scott



Senior Boy Chorus

Tom Baty, Bradley Collett, Josh McLeod & Daniel Telling

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