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Autumn Production - 2023
Fringe Festival
6 One Act Plays over 2 Weekends - 3 per night

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Box Office 

The Burgess Hill Theatre in Church Walk.
Book Online Now

Groups, Wheelchair Users &
Box Office enquiries
please phone: 01444 870412

Production dates 

6-7th & 13-14th October 2023

Fri 6 & Sat 7 October 2023 (7.30pm)

“All by Themselves” by Robert Scott
Directed by Andrew Davies

“The Highwayman” by Martin Sims
Directed by Ed Johnson

“Unlucky Number Seven”
Written and directed by Geoff Hopkins

Fri 13 & Sat 14 October 2023 (7.30pm)


“Seven Stages of an Affair” by Lorraine Forrest-Turner
Directed by Stephanie Somerville

“Permission to Cry” by David Campton
Directed by Paul Davey

“The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish”
by David Tristam
Directed by Dale Brown

Tickets £10 or special offer of £16 for both weekends

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All by Themselves by Robert Scott, directed by Andrew Davies
Cast: Andy Thurston, Debbie Dillon, Robson Ternouth, Luisa Deas, Stuart Lawson and Adrienne Chinn

Marooned on an island after other shipwrecked souls took his raft, Larry curses the fact that he's still not alone. And that he let the raft go. But the raft didn't go as far as he thinks, and he's even less alone than he suspects.

The Highwayman by Martin Sims, directed by Ed Johnson
Cast: Arkadiusz Kozak, Ella Shuck

Two strangers meet by the road one dark and cold night in the 1700s. They talk of a legend of Black Tom, the ghostly highwayman said to haunt the area, and soon they are plagued by phantom noises and fears.

Unlucky Number Seven written and directed by Geoff Hopkins
Cast: Chris Smith, Dorcas Kalani, Chris Ball

Set for a quiet night in, retired couple Gerald and Ada Mullins, at No.7 find their evening suddenly interrupted. Someone has broken in. Could it be an animal, a serial killer, an axe murderer? Or could it be the most dysfunctional thief to ever don a ski mask?

Seven Stages of an Affair by Lorraine Forrest-Turner, directed by Steph Somerville
Cast: Laura Witham, Ben Cassan

Caroline is married to dependable Robert, has two children, and works in an employment agency. When attractive Tony Brunetti comes for an interview, she is immediately attracted by his flirtatious charm. So begins the slippery slide into an affair which becomes more passionate and dangerous as it progresses through the seven stages of an affair.

Permission to Cry written by David Campton, directed by Paul Davey
Cast: Lorraine Jordan, Jane Kendall, Natasha Graves, Martin Sheldon, Jacky Hilary

Julia Gibbon, a junior minister, is thrown into turmoil by the conflict between private and public morality. Her affair with Penelope Wright, a frank and forthright journalist, very much a thorn-in-the-side of the Establishment, forces Julia to confront insecurities and doubts she never knew she had. This is a compassionate play about love and politics in our hypocritical age.

The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish by David Tristram, directed by Dale Brown
Cast: Sophie Davies, Phil Hawkins

For Henry Smith – actor, comedian, raconteur, sporting hero, socialite, tycoon, secret agent, Casanova, and Acting President of the United States – life was rarely dull. For Alice Smith – housewife – life was rarely anything else. Enter Michel – French Waiter – talk, dark and available. Exactly what happened next, no one is quite sure, except that it involved a rotting melon, a deck chair, and a bottle of neck rub. Fantasy blurs into reality. Secret passions explode. And two worlds that seemed a million miles apart are suddenly on a collision course. It could only happen to Henry and Alice. Only their goldfish, Orca, and you will ever know the true story.

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