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The audition details for forthcoming productions are shown here.


We hold Open Auditions for all plays and, if necessary, principal roles in our annual pantomime.  However, any non-member chosen for a role is required to become a full acting member of the Burgess Hill Theatre Club to appear on stage in the production. Patron Membership is not acceptable for acting roles. You will be expected to join during the first rehearsal.


Please ensure that you will be available for the rehearsal period and the stated production dates before auditioning.




Auditions are held at the Burgess Hill Theatre, 98 Church Walk, Burgess Hill. RH15 9AS

Spring Production - 2023


On Golden Pond

A play by Ernest Thompson


Harriët Sheldon


Production dates 

19 to 22 April 2023



Sunday 20 November 7pm . ALL WELCOME! 


Bring drinks and nibbles and we can have a fun evening reading this wonderful play. There will be an opportunity to register your interest for the auditions if you'd like to.



Sunday 27 November 2pm


Audition pieces can be shared in advance of the audition; it may be helpful, but is not essential, to look at the audition pieces in advance. 




We will provide a rehearsal schedule and not everyone will be required at each rehearsal initially.



Set in New Hampshire (USA) in 1979, this is a love story between Norman and Ethel who have spent 48 summers in their holiday cabin on Golden Pond. They get a surprise visit from their daughter, Chelsea, with her fiancé and his child, Billy, on their way to Europe. They leave Billy behind for the summer who becomes the ‘grandchild’ they never had. Norman loves taking his ward fishing and they teach each other the value of books and the awareness of a modern teenager.



Female 2, Male 3, Boy/Girl 13-16; American accents are required.


Norman (70-80):

He is a retired professor with heart palpitations and failing memory, but very sharp tongued and eager for life as ever.

Ethel (60-70):

She is Norman’s long-suffering and loving wife, but a perfect foil for Norman She is concerned by Norman’s increasingly deteriorating health. She is cheerful and caring and loves a tidy house.


Chelsey (30-40):

Estranged daughter of Norman and Ethel. She feels she’s not had the support of her parents she craved as a child. She is divorced and has no children.


Charlie (30-50):

Charlie is the local postie/dogsbody/maintenance man. He grew up with Chelsey and always had a crush on her.

Bill (30-50):

He is a dentist from California and a divorced father of one. He is engaged to Chelsey and turns out to be a worthy sparring partner to Norman.

Billy (13-16):

Billy is Bill’s child from his first marriage. He/she is a typical teenager with a caring and cheeky character.


If you are unable to attend the readthrough / audition, but would like to read for a role, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we’ll make alternative arrangements.


Harriët Sheldon


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