The audition details for forthcoming productions are shown here.


We hold Open Auditions for all plays and, if necessary, principal roles in our annual pantomime.  However, any non-member chosen for a role is required to become a full acting member of the Burgess Hill Theatre Club to appear on stage in the production. Patron Membership is not acceptable for acting roles. You will be expected to join during the first rehearsal.


Please ensure that you will be available for the rehearsal period and the stated production dates before auditioning.




Auditions are held at the Burgess Hill Theatre, 98 Church Walk, Burgess Hill. RH15 9AS

Summer Production - 2022


Toys in the Attic

A play by Peter Bridge


Nicki Plank


Production dates 

6th to 9th July 2022




Set in an old Cornish Manor House in the village of Hogsday, situated near to the coast, ’miles from anywhere’. An unmade road leads from its nearest town, some twenty-five miles away. This track becomes impassable as it nears this apparently derelict old village.


There has been a recent family death at the manor, and various members of the family make their way to this remote spot to witness the reading of the will. Prior to the solicitor’s surprising legacy details being revealed, various disturbances occur when the assembly of potential beneficiaries attempt to contact the deceased person, during a psychic game, through the use of a Ouija board.


The mood of the respective beneficiary’s changes following the will  disclosures and to one of them, comes a mind shattering moment when he realises that both the location and its occupants are not all what they seem to be.


Sat 30th April 2022 - 7.30pm at the theatre

Will be held on Wed 4th May 2022 - 7.30pm at the theatre
Individual and virtual auditions can be arranged if necessary, see About Auditions notes for details




Narrator: (M/F) To set the opening scene with the audience and to create a mysterious atmosphere that should hold up throughout the unfolding mystical tale.

Cynthia: Any age from seventeen to thirty. She has a slight Cornish accent. Cynthia is subservient and strangely embedded in the past.


Sarah: Much as Cynthia in all facets ... except, perhaps, she is a little more gregarious...and...adaptable... as she has to completely change her character to one that is totally childlike in the final action. Her accent is much stronger than Cynthia’s.


Ring: The solicitor’s clerk who comes to read the will. Slightly starchy, solemn within his serious officiating role but can exhibit a more adventurous side. Not necessary ... but most likely to have a broad Cornish accent: Probably in his early forties.


Queenie: (playing age 70+). Queenie is the eldest sister...and the natural leader of the trio of sisters. She is naively in belief of her own so called psychic powers and keen to display a wide range of acts of sorcery... (fairly preposterous).


Freda: Next down the pecking order to Queenie. She must also fit into the elderly range(70’s). Freda is supportive towards Queenie’s ‘magical’ claims.


Pearl: Another elderly sister (70’s). Slightly annoying and fussy.

Teddy: Is the lead role. Strangely ... he can be almost any age ... but preferably under forty ... addressed as ‘young man’ by two of the sisters. Teddy is witty and light-hearted. He is cynical and has no time for any ‘supernatural’ elements. He has a complete change of character in the final action.

Lieutenant Lostock: Commander of thirty men: Typical army type. Strictly follows army regulations. Mature sort. Disciplined.


Corporal Sims: Disciplined army type, but wavers when pressured by events.


Bella’s voice: (does not appear on stage) Should sound like an eleven-year-old girl with a slightly mystical quality.

Everyone’s welcome to both readthrough and auditions.

For further information, or if you would like to audition but are not able to make the

audition, please contact Nicki at or call 07741 405818.

Green Room Productions


Please note that the Auditions have already been held

(Green Room productions are for new Directors and Actors to show their abilities in front of Club members and friends)

Tuesday Audition: A Little Box of Oblivion, a play by Stephen Bean

A one-act, duration 40 minutes


Characters: 5 characters can be played by any gender and any age


Synopsis: It is a lovely spring day in an urban conurbation. Cool Person is settling on a park bench to read the paper when someone rushes on with a box. Before Cool Person  can say no, the box has been left on the bench with instructions that the box cannot be moved, knocked, tilted or opened.  A series of motley characters then begin to arrive, each with a theory about the contents of the box.


Audition date: 15th February 19:30 


Show Dates: 13th & 14th May

Wednesday Audition: One Season's King, a play by George MacEwan Green

A one-act, duration 40 minutes


Characters: 1 female, 3 male all approximately between 40-60


Synopsis: On a chilly day in October four people meet in a graveyard. Eveline and the three men who once courted her. They remember the sequence of their lives as their paths crossed, re-crossed and finally lead them here, to an autumnal funeral.


Audition date: 16th February at 19:30 Open Auditions


Show Dates: 13th & 14th May



These are Open Auditions.  Non-members are welcome to come to audition, but they will have to join the Club if they are offered a role.  


If you are interested but cannot make the auditions,
please email: asap.


Ever thought about a Front of House or Backstage role... we need:  Prompt, Costumes, Hair, Make-up, Props, Stage Management, Front of House - an opportunity to get involved or try something new.  Respond to this email if you are interested.