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Production Date:  October 1975

Directed by: Nancy Forsdike

Genre:  Comedy

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill




A comedy in two parts - 'The Wedding' and 'The Funeral'- both concerning the same family. In the first episode we see the family preparing for a wedding. There’s the cars, the photographer, the seating arrangements and critical remarks from the groom’s relations don’t exactly help!

In the second episode six months later, the family return for the funeral of their Uncle Arthur and are confronted by the deceased’s live-in (and uninvited) girlfriend.


Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager


Set Design.


Lighting & Effects



Front Of House

Box Office


Frank Oakley

Margaret Coveney

Norma Somerville

Brian Rhead

Brenda Keyes & Susan Wilson

Peter Coveney, Charles Briggs,

Denise Briggs & Mick Pate

Joan Collins

Joan O'Meara

Pam Jefferies




Playwrights:  Keith Waterhouse &     Willis Hall




Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall co-wrote some of the most highly-acclaimed and successful plays of the time. 'Billy Liar' and 'Whistle Down the Wind' are just two of their well known plays, but they also wrote the screenplays for the TV series 'Budgie' and 'Worzel Gummidge

Celebration was written in 1961.

Christine Lucas

Rhoda Lucas

Edgar Lucas

Jack Lucas

Irene Howes

Lillian Howes

Frank Broadbent

Arthur Broadbent

Stan Dyson

Bernard Fuller

Edna Fuller

Alice Fuller

Lionel Fuller

Margo Fuller

May Beckett

Sgt. Maj. Tommy Lodge

Jacqueline Shury
Jo White

Peter Martin
Leon Figg

Ena Barron

Sheila Newell

Anthony White

John Poulson

Peter Clark

Alan Carter

Barbara Chamberlain

Jean Poulson

Rick Peckham

Sheila Tapner

Pauline Rhead

Peter Case

BHTC Production Number: 88

Programme & Press Cuttings


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