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Gregory Sloane is entertaining guests on Hawk Island. The guests, including Anthony Bryce, a famous but egotistical and very timid crime writer discuss murder as though they were familiar with it and would know what to do should the circumstance arise. Wearying of this talk, Sloane decides to teach the company in general and Bryce in particular a lesson and with the aid of one of his guests, Donald Parish, he pretends to commit a murder.

BHTC NOTES: As detailed in the History notes, this was the first official performance by 'The New Amateur Dramatic Society' (NADS).


A 'typo' on the press review (below) identified the part of Tom Austen being played by the famous actor Donald Sinden,whereas it was actually his brother, Peter.

Directed by:  Douglas E Strike

Production Date:  February 1952

Playwright:  Howard Irving Young

Genre:  Comedy Thriller

Group:  New Amateur Dramatic Society (NADS)


Staged:  St Andrews Parish Room Burgess Hill


Charles Gover

Norman A Addley

Peter Sinden

Joan Moore

Pat Gwyne

Margery Gover

Jill Collingbourne

Douglas Strike

J F Stanton-Clarke

Rafe Clutton

Norma Moore

Antony Bryce

Paul Cooper

Tom Austen 

Stella Wayne

Gregory Sloane

Louise Hollister

Harriet Cooper

Barker (the Butler)

Madeline Austen

Donald Parish

Sally Rogers


Janet Goddard

Alison Butler

Mrs Strike & Miss Stevenson

G B Tate & F E Sellwood


Stage Manager

Lighting & Sound Effects

Box Office

Front of House



Photos & Press Cuttings

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