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HISTORY 2006-2007

2006 - 2007

Theatre Club Committee Members

Val Whitehead


Graham Cubbitt

Nichola Wood

David Abbott

Linda Alford

Liz Batten



Chair & Website



Rosalind Wood 

Keith Griffiths

Pippa Jones

Jo White

Nicki Plank

Box Office


Drama Advisor



Matt Roberts

Publicity & Vice Chair




Marrie Stewart

Trudy Stewart

Chris Twyman


Peter Gooding

Barbara Kinsey

Fund Raising

Lara Weller

Keeper of the Wardrobe

July 2006 - Life Membership:   Graham Wood


August 2006

Summer BBQ

The Club's Summer Social & BBQ at the theatre.

September 2006

The New Chairman

Middy Article about David Abbott, the new club Chairman.

Over many years the storage of our costumes at the hut had suffered from a lack of organisation, appropriate storing, infestations of mice and more recently damp. Although the day only achieved a small proportion of the huge task at hand, a lot of fun was had by all. Another sorting and cleaning day was held in November 

The Hut Blitz!

September 2006

A great day of fun for member at a Singing workshop with Rebecca Dowden.

Let's get singing

November 2006

Members  enjoyed the Club's Annual Dinner Dance which was held at the Hassocks Hotel, Hassocks.

Dinner & Dancing

November 2006

Hut Blitz #2! Carrying on the work achieved in September and incorporating the weatherproofing of some of the roof, Hut Blitz 2 was again supported and enjoyed by all who helped.

Another day on the Hut Blitz! 

November 2006

About Town Article about David Abbott, the new club Chairman.

David is the news again

December 2006

The Club's Christmas Post Bag evening involved a number of readings and the acting out of some 'Alternative Pantomimes' using a variety of hats to signify the different characters!

Christmas Post Bag

December 2006

May 2007

A spruce up

The theatre front was looking particularly grubby so a day was spent sprucing it up a bit.

June 2007

Town Day

As part of town day the club organised a summer fete, inviting the general public to look around and understand more about the club and the theatre, whilst also raising funds with a variety of games and activities, including the Punch and Judy show which was performed by Peter Gooding and Karen & Graham Hollebon.

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