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Produced & Directed by: Elizabeth Batten

Genre:  Black Comedy

Group:  BHTC

Staged: The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill

Neil Batsford

Anthony Hole

Sheila Newell

Rodney Nash

Andrew Quiney

Keith Jefferies

Christine Batsford

Mary Coleman

Michael Wedderburn

Christine Haddow

Jo White

Inez Wedderburn

Nancy Forsdike

Kathleen Meggs

Anthony White

Anthony Craig

Ray Bigsby

John Stallwood

Frank Oakley

Caroline Stallwood, Sarah Jefferies & Lizbet Hawker




Gottleib Biedermann and his wife, Babette, give houseroom for the night to two young men they do not know. Babette is nervous because of the recent local fire-raising and the young men admit that other houses where they have lived have gone up in flames. The play ends with an after-piece which takes place in Hell and gives the play a surprise ending. 

PLAYWRIGHT: Max Frisch (1911-1991) was a notable Swiss novelist, playwright, diarist, and essayist. 'Fire Raisers' was originally written as a radio play in 1953, but it was re-written in 1958 for stage and television.

BHTC NOTES: Club member Sheila Wells (Chorus), remembers this was not a well recieved or popular play.

Production Date:  1973

Tom Jones

Squire Allworthy

Bridget Allworthy / Woman with a Basket

Thwackum / Second Bystander


Squire Western

Molly Seagrim

Sophia Western

Doctor / Constable



Mrs. Waters

Mrs. Fitzpatrick


Captain Fitzpatrick

Lord Fellamar

First Bystander / Priest

Allworthy's Servant


The Crowd

Stage Manager

Production Assistant


Lighting & Effects

Properties & Wardrobe


Set Designer

Front of House Manager

Box Office

Sheila Tapner

Elizabeth Batten

Nancy Forsdike & Elizabeth Batten

Peter Coveney

Sheila Tapner & Lizbet Hawker

Barbara Chamberlain

Anthony White

Ron Forsdike

Barbara Chamberlain & Doreen Oakley



Playwright: Max Frisch

BHTC Production Number: 75

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