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Directed by:  June Colledge

Production Date:  January  1985

Playwright:  June Colledge

Genre:  Pantomine

Group:  BHTC

Staged: The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill

Leon Figg

June Colledge

Pearl White

Sarah Jane Blaber

Simon Cartwright

Graham Knight

Carol Brewer-Welsby
Jan Case

Julia Clark

Anthony White

Peter Case

Norma Somerville
Rick Peckham

Mary Jupp

Jane Josephs

Jim Wilson
Elizabeth Miles & Anita Culley



Genie Of The Ring



Sergent Ping

Constable Pong

Constable Chop

Constable Chip


Widow Twankey

Emperor of China

Empress of China

Wishee Washee

Pancake (Wishee's Dog)

Princess Shinning Star

Slave of the Magic Lamp



Tim Kendell

Anthony White

Tim Kendell, Terry Thompsett, Peter Harwood & Roy 

Peter Coveney

John Hurst, Jez Hole, Richard Griffin & Margaret Coveney

Audrey Lewry

Audrey Lewry, Pat Hall, Mary Jupp, Val Thompsett,

Pam Jefferies,  Rebecca Muggeridge & Nancy Forsdike

Barbara Kinsey, Chris Twyman & Pauline Campbell

Nancy Forsdike

Barbara Chamberlain & Jane Towell

Barbara Chamberlain & Elizabeth Lorentzen

Frank Oakley

Stage Manager

Set Design

Set Construction Team

Technical Manager

Technical Team

Wardrobe Coordinator

Wardrobe Team



Camel Design


Box Office

Front Of House Manager



Aladdin and his mother (the famed Widow Twankey), who run the chinese laundry in old Pekin are visited by the evil Abanazar pretending to be a long lost uncle. He convinces Aladdin to help him in return for untold riches but then tricked and then sealed in a deep cave, Aladdin finds an old oil lamp and on rubbing it, the genie of the lamp appears, allowing Aladdin to wish for escape. Then with the aid of his family, friends and of course the genie,


Aladdin defeats Abanazar, marries the beautiful princess and they all live happily ever after.


ALADDIN (3rd Show)

Further Productions:

1970   1976    1993    2003    2013


Pantomime Production Number: 20

BHTC Production Number: 128



Senior Chorus:

Joy Harwood, Audrey Lewry, Emma O'Hea, Vicky Josephs,

Jackie Lander, Deborah Harris, Geogina Blakebrough, Caroline Clark, Lara Salvage, Lynn Rice, Katie Hall, Hannah Batten & Gillian White


Junior Chorus:  

Paul Whittington, Steven Bradford, Jason Gallacher, Christine Lewry, Claire Foulser, Nicola Wood, Mary Thompsett, Loise Thompsett, Helen Godfrey, Lynne Ticehurst, Juliet Barlow, Angela Salvage, Kerry Negus, Elizabeth Willis & Nikki Bradford




Piano:  Alan Barker

Drums:  Clive Bailey



Choreography by:  Drusilla Duffill

Assisted by:  Katy Harris


Senior Dancers:

Andrea Cooper, Melinda White, Phillipa Crossfield, Lynda Collingham, Suzanne Thompson, Caroline Aylett & Tracy Felstead


Junior Dancers:

Rebecca Dingle, Mary Spink, Lisa Griffin, Julie Daynes, Joanne Bucknall, Emma Wren, Justine Cook & Zoe Bates




Press Cuttings Publicity Photos

Production Photos 1-23

Backstage Photos

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