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Agnes, Emily and their brother Henry live in a state of straight-laced Victorian primness with their rebellious old mother, and Judy, a high spirited neice. The play is based on the return of Catherine to the Deveral household, reputedly the black sheep of the family, whose legendary absconding 20 years earlier with a Continental Romeo fires Judy with imaginative longings. Catherine arrives just in time to avert a romantic crisis in her young neices's life and to steer her safely through a tempestuous first 'affair'.

BHTC NOTES: As detailed in the History notes, this was the last production performed by the New Amateur Dramatic Society before becoming Burgess Hill Theatre Club. Even this transformation was not easy as it was almost the last play of the whole group, who at that time were having serious membership and financial problems.

Directed by:  Joy Sinden

Production Date:  Spring 1954

Playwright:  Ireland Wood

Genre:  Comedy 

Group:  New Amateur Dramatic Society (NADS)

Staged:  St Andrews Parish Room Burgess Hill


PLAYWRIGHT:  Ireland Wood from a story by Richmal Crompton


Julie Tory

Derek Timmins

Elizabeth Emery

Joan Moore

Janet Goddard

Jack Denman

Thomas KilBride

Jill Collingbourne

Joy Sinden

Myrtle Skelton


Henry Deveral 

Judy Deveral

Emily Deveral

Agnes Deveral

Rodney Walters

Bobbie Forrester

Miss Case

Mrs Deveral

Catherine Deveral

Anne Goddard & Charles Gover

Norma Moore


Stage Manager & Props



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