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HISTORY 1998-1999

1998 - 1999

Theatre Club Committee Members

Val Whitehead

Barbara Kinsey

Keith Gough

Pat Griffiths

Marrie Stewart


Social &

Fund Raising




Linda Alford

Nicola Wood

Kenneth Guest

Sue Wilson

Jim Towell






Alan Herbert

Liz Batten

Laurie Parsons

David Mozley

Jim Wilson




Stage Director



Rick Peckham

Drama Advisor

& Vice Chair

Rosalind Wood 

Box Office


November 1998

Accrington Pals

During my time as Publicity Manager, one of the productions which stood out for me was "Accrington Pals".


This great play about World War 1 was being presented on the 80th anniversary of the Armistice and I realised that I knew too little of that period. I called the library at Accrington and Helen Barret, in charge of the local history section was incredibly helpful, sending me various materials and indicating there was much more. Sue and I were thinking of a holiday in the north, so we went to the area of the Ribble Valley and during our stay went into Accrington to meet Helen. She had laid on an huge amount of material for us to look through, newspapers of the day and so on - incredibly interesting - all sorts of human stories. There were also books by a Bill Turner a local writer about WW1 in general and the Pals in particular. Hearing that Bill was out in the street, Helen fetched him in and introduced us - he gave consent for us to quote from his books and also Peter Whelan's 'phone number. I spoke to Peter's wife about his preface to Bill's book and the following day a charming letter arrived giving consent to use and wishing us a good show. Helen also gave us tips on what to see in the area, including possibly the largest collection of Tiffany ware in Europe. We had a great week and managed to see some beautiful country into the bargain. I like to think that the material from the visit helped the cast to visualise this difficult period in history and it certainly helped with publicity. 

Jim Wilson.

January 2nd 1999

Norma's in the news

The Argus newspaper reported on Norma Somerville's long years of appearing in our club Pantomimes.

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March 26th 1999

The Queen's visit

The Queen and Prince Phillip visit Burgess Hill town centre Council Help Point and then opened the Triangle Leisure Centre. As part of the the walk past our theatre, Rick & Julia Peckham with some of the cast from Heroin Lies & Sparkleshark were able to talk to Prince Philip.

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