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18th & 19th December 2021

Croft Hall

Burgess Hill School for Girls

Panto auditions will be held on:



Please Register interest with Suzi now

Initially this will be a closed audition for All Roles - Club Members only may audition

Open auditions may be held where required, please register your interest - see below

You will be required to have joined the Club as an acting member to audition

Burgess HIll Theatre - 7:30 to 10:30pm


Be prepared to read, sing and dance!



Look out for further information

This is a closed audition - Club Members only may audition

Please bring your membership cards with you.


Burgess HIll Theatre - Boys & Girls - 7:00pm to 8:45pm

(Must be aged 9+ from 1st December 2021)


Be prepared to read, sing and dance!

Cast List and Characters (for Principal roles)

Flower Fairy

Demon Boris



Jill   (principal girl)

Jack (principal boy)





Dame Trot


Daisy the Cow (2 people)






Toothpick (self important)

Salt/Pepper (split personality)

Sauce (french & naughty)

Giant Muchabones (2 headed-2 people)


Feisty & strong willed with articulate speaking voice.

Arrogant, selfish & mean with strong acting and projection required.

Subservient, downtrodden, willing to please at all costs.

Kind friend of Jill's. Good acting & singing ability.

Independent, fun-loving, kind and helpful. Strong acting with good singing voice.

Hardworking, happy go lucky. Strong acting & strong singing voice.

Main comics. Johnny is soppy and silly. Tommy is big brother who is naughty but nice.
Good experience working an audience. Excellent comic timing and vocal ability.

Knock about misguided brokers men/women trying to keep order in the village under scrutiny of the Squire. Positive action men/women required!

OTT. Loud, sarcastic, overbearing but fun & lovable. Ability to work with an audience with pathos. Excellent comic timing and vocal ability.
Great team work required. Energetic personality and good co-ordination important..Ability to work in an animal costume. Good movement required. This is an important big role!
Landowner and rent collector of village. Stern and official sounding but deep down
quite a softy. Father to Jill and very protective.
Giant's mature daughter. Loud and fun comedy roll. Requires good timing and
experience, vocal and movement ability.
These parts appear as local village characters in the 1st half who are kidnapped by the
sidekick in error. Appear in 1° half as condiments to the giant and help the hero's
escape. Fun roles.

2 headed Giant requiring 2 people to work VERY closely together & master the one
handed technique. Ability to argue & shout!


Please email or text Suzi 07770 811425 to register your interest in auditioning ASAP so that she can assess if we need to hold further auditions.

This year due to School date restrictions we can only do 5 performances.


Performance dates to be confirmed: 17th (Dress) 18th (3 shows), 19th (2 shows)  There will be rehearsals at the School on Sat 4th & 11th Dec from 2 - 6:30 PM. Plus 15th & 16th Dec (in foyer).


Thank you and see you all very soon!

Suzi Allan (Director)

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