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Directed by: Suzi Allan 

Assisted by: Gina Paul

Production Date:  January  1997

Playwright:  June Colledge 

Genre: Pantomine

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill



Sleeping Beauty tells the classic tale of Princess Briar Rose, who is put under a terrible enchantment by the evil Fairy Blackthorn because she wasn't invited to the princesses christening. She tells the King and Queen that on reaching adulthood, the princess will prick her finger on a spindle and die. Although unable to reverse the spell, good fairy Goldenweb alters its effect so that instead of dying, the princess will fall fast asleep for a hundred years, until awakened by the kiss of her true love.


BHTC NOTES: Following the very sad loss of June Colledge

the previous year, daughters

Suzi & Gina bravely and

successfully took up the

reins to continue

in their mothers footsteps. T

his was recognised

in the special achievement award

from the Mid Sussex Times.



Further Productions:

1982     2007


Pantomime Production Number: 32

BHTC Production Number: 189

Rick Peckham

Chris Smith

Norma Somerville

Gina Paul

Hannah Peckham

David Abbott

Jim Wilson

Graham Wood

Peter Gooding

Samantha Childs
Caroline Ridley

Pearl White

Jo White

Nicola Wood

Bekki Powell

Sarah Hall

Hannah Batten

Julia Peckham

Peter Battle

Anthony White

Doreen Cripps

Tim Rowland

Ben Preece & Cyril Evrard


Jinks the Jester

King of Boratania

Queen of Boratania

Prince Carlos I & III

Princess Briar Rose

Dame Clobberchops






Fairy Goldenweb

Fairy Thistledowny

Fairy Sunbeam

Fairy Starlight

Fairy Moonbeam

Fairy Rainbow

Bad Fairy Blackthorn

Good News

Bad News


Puddles The Dog

Dobin The Horse

Laurie Parsons

Geoff Twyman

Keith Griffiths, Bob Awcock, Geoff Twyman, David Bevan, Nigel Summers, Graham Wood, Mike Ward, Alan Herbert,

Ron Whitehead, Mark Herbert, Alex Munroe,

Jonathan Crawford-Jones & Laurie Parsons

Tim Kendell

Chris Childs, Mark Lacombe & Gavin Hatchett

Pat Griffiths

Lesley Rowland, Doreen Cripps, Doreen Oakley,

Patricia Awcock & Hilary Smith

Barbara Kinsey & Chris Twyman

Pauline Childs & Pam Skilton
David Bevan

Terry Thompsett & Jim Wilson

Rosalind Wood



Stage Manager

Set Design

Set Construction and Back Stage Crew




Technical Manager

Technical Team

Wardrobe Design

Wardrobe Team



Make-Up & Hair



Box Office & Front of House


Assistant Director and BHTC Choreographer: Gina Paul. 

Assistant Choreographer: Rosalind Wood


Junior Chorus:

Francesca Battle, Carl Edwards, Elizabeth Stephens, Huw Bussell, Debbie McLean, Joseph Stephens, Shaymoly Chakraborty, Gavin Morgan & Marrie Stewart


Senior Chorus:

Kaitlin Battle, Suzanne Fanner, Kimberley Keys, Lara Przybora, Tina Brown, Claire Brocklehurst, Naomi Hall, Catherine May, Clare Spencer, Becky Churcher,

Jinanne Karkar, Charlotte Preece, Kelly Webb & Daphne Mainwaring



Choreography by: Drusilla Duffill 

Assistant Choreographers:  Karen Hollebon & Vikki Harris


Dancers: Dancers: Ilona Holdsworth, Rebecca Bristow, Charis Holdsworth, Emma Clark, Jennifer Owens, Tina Young, Megan Pavey, Emily Loftin, Alisa Moody,

Natalie Surry, Victoria Argent, Sally Day, Lauren Uwins & Jennifer McLean



Piano: Rita Hollebon

Drums:  Derek Guildford

Bass:  Graham Hollebon

Programme & Press Cuttings

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