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A sharp and touching slice of English life set in a Northern Pub owned by a savagely bickering husband and wife. "Two" is a series of short vignettes that skilfully combines pathos and humour as customers to the pub come and go during the evening.


The characters include a hopeless womaniser, a troubled old man and a little boy left behind by his father - an event which triggers a movement towards a fragile reconciliation between the pub couple, as their own dark tragedy is revealed....

BHTC NOTES: Amazingly director

Peter Forester, cast and crew

managed to rehearse and stage

the production all within 4 weeks.


Genre:   Drama

Playwrights:  Jim Cartwright

Directed by:  Peter Forester

Production Date:  October 2007

Group:  BHTC

Staged:  The Theatre, Church Walk, Burgess Hill

BHTC Production Number: 248



Nicola Wood

Graham Wood

Peter Forester

Peter Forester, Graham Wood & Terry Thompsett

Chris Childs

Pauline Childs

Jacky Hilary

Jinanne Karkar, Samantha Payne & Tony Hole

Rosalind Wood

Sue Stempt & Marrie Stewart

Production Co-ordinator

Stage Manager

Set Design

Set Construction

Lighting & Sound



Publicity Team

Box Office / Front Of House



Photos 1-11

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